Carry Light

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Carry Light is specially designed for those on the go, travelling or just always wanting a little light in their life.

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  • Modern Smart Sensor LED Torch
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Modern Multi-purpose Lamp


Folding Lamp!


Modern Smart Sensor LED Torch


See what our customers are saying!

My son loved it, it's become his light to get up in the bathroom at night, or to keep him close when he goes to bed. Maybe I'll take one for myself.

Alexandre Muller

Love my carry light. Got it on the Tuesday had a black-out next day...the light was perfect; charged and ready to go it made my very early morning so much easier to navigate. I will be purchasing more as I think they will make an excellent Christmas gift. I cannot speak highly enough of this elegant and brilliant product. So stylish, so practical.

Michele - AUS

Love my new portable lamp. Great design. Lightweight. Was wanting something like this that I could use for the living room without having to move actual lamps around and change plugs. This is fantastic!

Tayles - AUS